Holyoke Artsalon

Posted on Jan 10, 2014 in Blog

Last month I was invited to be a part of The Artsalon at Gateweay City Arts in Holyoke. The weather that night called for snow and ice, but thankfully people still trekked out to the Canal District. Artsalon Holyoke

The format was Pecha Kucha, and the five of us (fellow Holyokers Cynthia Consentino, Caleb Colon, Peter Dellert, and Chris Nelson) showed 20 slides with 20 seconds each to talk. I like this structure–it definitely keeps the pace going and kept me from going into too much detail about punching tiny holes in heavy leather with ancient tools (YAAAAWWWWN).

The one artist I had not had a chance to meet beforehand was Cynthia Consentino, although I had seen her work at a ceramic show at Paper City Studios (next door to Gateway City Arts) last year.…