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Custom molded orthopedic sandals

I've been wearing the same base pair of ortho custom molded sandals now for ten years, just recovering and resoling as needed. Off the shelf sandals just don't meet my needs, the arch support is never high enough or in the right place, and they usually aren't very repairable either.

This is a new pair I recently made, heavily inspired by the following photo. It's a custom molded base orthotic -- I make a plaster cast of your feet and make the orthotics to that cast -- and then make the sandals around that base. The soles can easily be repaired once worn down. I've chosen a longer lasting traction sole for heavy walking, but lighter weight soles that simply wear quicker are also an option.

And now for the inspiration photo, Ruth Orkin's Tired Tourist. The early 1950s! What style. Here's to travel & getting to know how other places function, while being comfortable in footwear.



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