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For Winter: Split-toe tabi wool blend house slippers

I started making these house shoes in 2007 (& selling them in my Etsy shop), from old felted wool sweaters. I really love making them! They are completely opposite of how I usually work as they are quick and stretchy and fit several sizes at once. Over the years people who are into barefoot running or barefoot living, people in the cosplay community, people who are used to wearing tabi socks, and mostly people who like to have WARM FEET have ordered them. Over the pandemic I had to switch to wool blend (and some 100% wool) yardage instead of thrifting, but I still do a mix when I am able to find appropriately dense but stretchy sweaters at Savers.

The first slipper socks I made had just a double thick layer of the upper wool as the sole, which is still the standard option and holds up well. I've since added options for using a non-stretchy thicker all-merino wool felt sole that provides more insulation between you and your cold floors, or a thin suede sole option for those who want a little grip in their step, and to be able to run outside to grab the mail or empty the compost bin.

I deliberately made the toe / forefoot area pretty roomy in the patterning, but I do custom size them if feet are extra wide or narrow. Foot-shaped slippers you can wear with thong sandals/flip-flops/huaraches.

They are repairable? Mostly I just resole them for family and friends when they ask, but I've had the odd buyer email me and send them back for repair.

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